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Our Flood Coat Process

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Coatings are applied under optimum conditions.
Weather can hamper a job site application with delays and less than optimal conditions to apply exterior coating. California Pre-Stain, Inc. coats materials in a factory controlled environment. Prior to pre-finishing, we monitor the materials to ensure that they are at the recommended moisture content.

Maximum Penetration and Even Coverage
Each piece is hand placed into the flood coat machine where it is flooded with coating on the top, back and sides as it travels through a series of pressure rollers. High speed, reverse running brushes and/or air knife is used to ensure that the stain is brushed deep into the surface for maximum penetration and a uniform finish. Machine application eliminates defects such as lap marks, runs and shrink lines.

Each piece is inspected as it exits the machine for even and consistent coverage. It is then placed onto horizontal drying racks so each board drys at the same rate. This allows for optimal penetration and evenly cures the coating. After it is properly dried, it is then stacked and ready to be sent to the job site. Your materials arrive at the job site factory finished on all four sides to protect it from damaging ultra violet rays, moisture and dust and ready to be installed.

Stock colors, custom tinting and color matching are available.
We can match an existing color or mix a custom color for your project. We can provide samples on your materials for your approval prior to running the job. We provide extra stain for cut ends etc.

Your materials arrive at the job site factory finished on all sides to protect it from the harmful elements and ready to be installed.